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Follow your dreams: "twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do" Mark Twain

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I worked as plantmanager, engineeringmanager in industrial companies in Belgium, Sweden, Singapore, Shanghai, and Portugal. (consumer electronics, automotive, plastics, equipment and automation). The interaction between the core businessl, people empowerment and customer relations always fascinated me. Since speed, wealth of digital data and applications, rapid changes are part of every business, management needs to invest in empowered workforce and small activity teams to put the decision making as close as possible to the execution level. You need to define your own execution system ( Toyota 14 principles is a good reference) to give guidance to everyone in the organisation to make decisions..

Interim Management


Operations manager Plantmanager

Quality management

continuous improvement manager


Supply base management


Factory audit-quick scan

Problem solving

Lean management (Toyota 14 principles)

Strategy deployment:

Define execution system



- footprint re-allocation.

- Productivity gain

- Intro of lean tools

- Product-process mapping

- Subsidy preparation

- Change management



- supervisor training

- The power of convincing

- intro learning organisation

- small team activity

- intro OEE

- workplace management


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